Burn calories and raise funds for Nepal!

Are you ready for the great digital cyclothon #Calories4Nepal?

The SIS community has generously supported the Shila Devi Primary School in Nepal through the Nepal Project since 2014. We support the students’ physical needs, help create a healthy educational environment, and build personal and meaningful connections between SIS and Shila Devi School. You can follow the SIS Nepal Project on Instagram to learn more.

During the SIS #Calories4Nepal cyclothon, you can either pledge to support one of the teams taking part or make a direct donation to The Nepal Project below. If you want to create your own team, find out more here.

Wondering what a pledge is?

Well, a pledge is a promise to do something. For example, a cyclothon team says they will be riding their bikes and aim to burn 10,000 calories by a certain date. When you pledge to support them, you make them a promise that once they reach their goal of burning 10,000 calories, you will then donate the amount of money that you pledged.

So, you will not be giving any money now, but you promise that you will give money once they have reached their goal.

Donate to #Calories4Nepal

How can you support the Nepal Project?

  • Create your own cycling team and we’ll create a special #Calories4Nepal donation page for you to share with friends and family. 
    • Send an email to: b.roets@intsch.se with your team members’ names, a team picture and funky team name!
    • Then set a cycling goal, pledge to burn a certain number of calories and get friends and relatives to sponsor your cycling journey. 
  • If you don’t want to cycle, you can:
    • Donate to the Spirit Fund via swish: 123 500 7729. Mark your donation The Nepal Project.
    • Donate through the form above.
    • Choose one of the teams registered and sponsor them!

Calculating calories

  • The average person will burn between 450 to 750 calories per hour cycling.
  • Most smartphones have an activity tracker where you can record rides and calculate calories or you can use an app like Strava.