Double your money with Lage Jonason

There has never been a better time to make a donation to the School thanks to the enormous generosity of the Chair of our Board of Trustees. Lage Jonason is making up to 70,000 SEK available to match donations to the SIS Spirit Fund.

Here, in Lage’s own words, is why he’s making his pledge and how it works:

70 for 70 logo

”Seeing first-hand how the school supports young people to grow in their learning – and in their personal development – has really confirmed to me what a special place it is, and how extraordinary the teachers and support staff are, who go the extra mile to make things happen, and to make the school the best it can be.

So, as the School and I both reach the occasion of our 70th birthdays, I have decided to  ‘go the extra mile’ too. I’d like to invite you to join me on the journey. And I’d like us to give it 200%!

This is my way of saying that for every amount up to 1,000 SEK donated to the Fund during the anniversary year, I will match it, up to a total of 70,000 SEK. So, if you give 250 SEK, the Fund will get 500. If you give 500 SEK, the fund gets a nice round 1,000. And if you can give the whole 1,000 SEK, that’s 2,000 for the Fund! It’s the perfect opportunity to double your money, and double the impact for our school, our students, and our community.”

Remember, as a not-for-profit Foundation we channel 100% of our community’s generosity into promoting academic excellence, enhancing student experience, and investing in developing our wonderful campus. 

Even if you have donated in the past, or if this is the first time you are considering it, there’s never been a better time. It’s easy to double your donation: just complete our special matched funding donation form now. 

Let’s reach for that target and double it with Lage!

Other ways to give

Want to do even more for the School? Here are other opportunities to donate.

Director’s Circle

The Director of the School, Marisa León, is once again personally donating 10,000 SEK. If you can donate 7,000 SEK or more, you’ll join her in the Director’s Circle. Read more and donate.

Oggi’s Champions 

If you can make a donation of at least 1,000 SEK this year, that makes you an Oggi Champion! By becoming an Oggi Champion, you’ll be showing your ongoing support and commitment to making the School an exciting and vibrant learning space. Read more and donate.