A day in the Primary School Library

As a Primary School student, you are greeted by the librarian and find your spot on the carpet. This is where we begin to explore!

We discover our learning objectives and learn a lot of skills that help make us good researchers, readers, collaborators, thinkers and inquirers.

We listen to stories and make connections about things we already know or things we have learned about in IPC. We are encouraged to share information with our peers and teachers. We use a variety of apps on the iPad to show and reflect our learning. We have time to find books independently using the different library skills that we have learned. This is followed by relaxing DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read Time!) before we check books out for the week.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Storytelling plays a huge role in developing creativity and imagination. We encourage our community members to help us in developing the enjoyment and appreciation of reading.

Parent readers diversify our reading program and play an important part in developing an appreciation of reading in the Primary School. Students learn to be open-minded when listening to stories in different languages. They learn communication skills as they practice being good audience members and gain knowledge from all the main messages that books provide. Our library assistant furthers the enjoyment of reading by hosting Storytime After School.

The main school library