Lindsay Nicander

Grade 2 Teacher

The financial squeeze of 2008 was a career turning point for Lindsay Nicander. At the time she was carving out a successful career in Human Resources with a large law firm, but as the firm began to tighten its belt, Lindsay realised the focus of her role was moving from the aspects she really enjoyed – recruitment and training – and becoming less satisfying. She was prepared to make a life change, and she, and SIS, have benefited enormously from her decision.

Her now husband prompted that change. He had been working in Hong Kong but wanted to return to Sweden where he still had family. He invited Lindsay to join him and the rest is history. (Appropriately the subject of her undergraduate studies.)

Aspects of her HR background, psychology and personal development for instance, would be transferable into a teaching environment and that led Lindsay to explore that pathway. ‘I came with the vague plan that I liked training and development, and I thought that that might transfer here. I took a few courses in Teaching English as a Second Language, which I enjoyed, and then got a position at the British International School (BIS) as a Teaching Assistant. And that was just like coming home.´

Lindsay had now found her vocation but was not yet qualified as a teacher. She set about finding the course that would allow her to study while working and did so back in the UK. Through distance learning, complemented by visits to the UK and placements in UK schools, Lindsay emerged fully qualified in 2013. 

Keen to put her qualification to use, and with no positions opening up at BIS, she secured a Teaching post at the Tanto international School and worked happily there for 8 years. Towards the end of that time she came to realise that the internationality of her role was an important part of what she enjoyed – and that when her thought turned to SIS.

‘I knew there was a much greater international mix at SIS, and the School had an excellent reputation, so I made a particular point of löooking out for an opportunity to apply.’ That opportunity arose in 2021, and Lindsay has not looked back.

‘I love to hear the different languages in the corridors, and celebrating that diversity in the classroom. I love the support everyone gives each other in welcoming all different nationalities. There is an enormous spirit of good will around the School. ’

Lindsay is now a Swedish citizen, and it’s an integral part of her identity now, and she has a 5-year-old daughter who would identify as Swedish with an English mum. But does she miss anything from her previous life? ‘I’m very happy in Sweden. The dark winters can be challenging but I feel really at home here.’

And the Swedish environment is a perfect setting for Lindsay’s other passion in life – photography. On quiet days when she is alone (which she admits are rare with a 5-year-old), she loves nothing more than going out with her camera and capturing her experience of the world.

You can view her work on Instagram, but a couple of examples are featured below.

So as she embarks upon a new year at SIS, how does Lindsay feel about the School and her position in it. Her answer is direct and confident: ‘I feel like I belong. It’s quite special.’

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