The lego league team working on building.

Plastic– Fantastic!

At the very first attempt, SIS’s First Lego League Team took second place in the Project Innovation category of the Scandinavian round on Saturday, 12th November, at Tekniska Museum. Led by Ms Pongo and Mr Garaventa, the team showed that SIS students are real inquirers and communicators. 

The following Friday the First Lego League SIS team gathered one last time to celebrate their achievement. Receiving a second prize in the Project Innovation category is something to be extremely proud of for first timers. Such was the enthusiasm that it wasn’t long before someone said “Shall we build a Robot?” Next minute, Lego Spike boxes were rolling and the team was back in business again.

When asked what they were proud of, the first word mentioned with conviction was the TEAM! 

‘I am proud of our team and how we were doing everything together, the teachers, all of it!’, said Walter. ‘For next year, we as a team, we can do it. We can do it together. Now we know what to expect.’.

Coding came  first when asked what they liked most about the whole experience. ‘Coding the Robots!’ says Chehan, ‘I mean, it’s a robot! Who else gets to code a Robot that works! It’s amazing! And I love coding!’  JohnJohn, also mentions that the whole experience was great  fun: ‘The group learned how to work together and how to do things together.’

The team had been preparing for the competition for a few weeks, meeting in after school sessions to hone their skills. SIS team, we are all very proud of you! 

The team’s participation on the First Lego League was supported by the SIS Spirit Fund. You can see the Lego trophy that the team brought home in the Annexe B reception.

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