Alice Jonason

SIS Memories: Alice Jonason

SIS student until 2012, then Receptionist and Admissions Assistant until 2014

Do have any particular memories of your time at SIS that you’d like to share?

SIS was my home for 10 years, first as my school and later as my workplace, so it’s very hard to pick just one! The time around the final exams are really special. I remember our teachers standing in the corridor and wishing us good luck, and how exhausted I was after writing the last final exam. The time working at SIS was also so special, and so much fun! I learnt a lot during that time.

What are you doing now?

I’ve studied criminology and statistics at Stockholm University. I completed my bachelor’s degree in criminology in 2017, and continued to study statistics. 

Since 2018 I’ve been working with official crime statistics at The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet). Last fall I was on study leave to complete my bachelor’s degree in statistics, and now in the fall of -21 I’ve started the Master’s Programme in Statistics at Stockholm University.

What influence did your time at SIS have on your career so far?

I’m grateful to SIS for many reasons. I didn’t know English when I started in the 5th grade, but at that age you learn so quickly. Being fluent in English has really helped me in my studies and later in my career, even though I’ve studied and worked in Sweden. Also, the IB programme really prepares you well for further studies.

What advice would you offer current SIS students?

Just enjoy! SIS is truly an amazing school in so many ways, with classmates from all over the world and the best teachers and staff, so I would just enjoy.

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