Oskar Sundberg

Oskar is originally from Stockholm and has taught the IB curriculum since 2018. He teaches Individuals and Societies to MYP grade 6-7-8 at SIS, and is also eligible for teaching Mandarin as a second language. Other experiences include a Master’s degree in Interpreting & Translation (Chinese-English) from SISU (Shanghai), teaching experience from the Swedish and Chinese school systems, working experience from the Swedish Army and health care system, and a badminton coach certification (including 20 years of coaching experience).

Oskar has studied and worked as project/business/account manager in China for over 6 years, and he enjoys travelling and learning about the world and people around him. He is (perhaps not surprisingly) very interested in individuals and societies, and enjoys teaching and supporting students on their learning journey towards achieving the IB curriculum goals, and exemplifying the IB learner profile through their actions in- and outside of school.