Sean Logan

Sean began at SIS in the August of 2017 and is currently teaching Individuals and Societies in the MYP. This comes after having taught MYP English and being the subject leader for Individuals and Societies for the MYP and DP. He is proudly South African, and so are his two little boys, in spite of both of them being born here in Stockholm. Sean taught at two private schools in Johannesburg for 11 years before moving abroad and remains a sports fanatic in all sports, but in particular rugby, cricket, running, golf, tennis and football.

He holds an undergraduate degree – Bachelor of Education from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and for his postgraduate degree, he received his Honours in Leadership and Management in Education from the University of Johannesburg. Sean is currently tackling his masters through the University of Gothenburg where he is reading Education for Sustainable Development.