SIS students listening to a presentation

Unexpected inspiration!

Grade 11 psychology students recently took a trip to The Forum for Living History (Forum för Levande Historia) in Gamla Stan. They have been studying the formation of identity through groups; stereotype origins, and their effects on human behaviour. One big discussion is around how these beliefs not only affect individual behaviour but have group consequences. To connect to the local context, the group took a trip to the Forum to see how stereotypes of Jewish diaspora  during the Second World War had consequences that led to the holocaust, and how Sweden reacted during this time.

While there, the students a great mini lesson from one of the curators, Eva Escarate. By sheer chance, they also had the honour to meet  Human rights activist S’bu Innocent Zikode, who was the winner of the 2021 Per Anger prize (The Per Anger Prize is the Swedish Government’s international prize for human rights and democracy). He gave a brief but inspiring talk and gave the group an opportunity to ask questions. The students were privileged to meet Mr. Zikode and connect their learning not only to history but to current events that require international mindedness.

You can read more about the Per Anger prize here, and here.

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