Support the Spirit of SIS!

In 2021 we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the founding of SIS.

The history of the School has been one of growth and success so that today we are a thriving band of nearly 800 students from over 60 countries, all learning and living together. 

An important factor in the School’s success is the generous donation of money, time, and effort from members of our community to the SIS Spirit Fund. The Fund, launched in 2019, supports academic excellence, innovation and campus regeneration activities and enhanced learning opportunities that enrich students’ experience outside of the regular classroom.  It brings families and staff together to celebrate the achievements, and encourage the ambition and personal development of the students who study here. And it is a vital part of supporting our not-for-profit mission.

70 for 70 logo

So, we’re launching our 70FOR70 appeal to celebrate our 70th Anniversary, and asking you to join us in taking our fundraising to the next level, so we can do still more this year, and lay down plans for the future. 

Here are some of the ways you can give to the SIS Spirit Fund, including a very special offer by the Chair of our Board of Trustees!

Lage’s 70FOR70

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Lage Jonason, like the School, turns 70 this year.

To celebrate his birthday and the School’s, Lage is giving rather than expecting to receive a present.

Headlining the start of our 70FOR70 campaign is Lage’s offer to match individual donations to the SIS Spirit Fund. So any donation you make will effectively be doubled. 

Discover more details and make a donation here

Lage Jonason

Oggi's Champions

If you can make a donation of at least 1,000 SEK this year, that makes you an Oggi Champion! The spirit of belonging that runs through all our activities at SIS is captured in Oggi’s Champions.

Read more and donate.

Director's Circle

The Director of the School, Marisa León, is once again personally donating 10,000 SEK and with that launching a Director’s Circle. If you can contribute 7,000 SEK or more, you’ll join her in the Director’s Circle.

Read more and donate.

We are very excited that Lage has decided to initiate the 70FOR70 campaign. If you are also interested in making a pledge to match donations in this coming year, or would like to support the school through other schemes, please contact Emma Jones, the Advancement Director at or telephone +46 70 176 28 28 to discuss your proposal.

There will be opportunities to participate, support, organise, and enjoy a huge range of events and activities in the coming months. 

SIS's culture of support

Part of what makes SIS such a warm, caring and successful community is that so many people contribute to school life.

Here are some simple ways that you or your organisation can get involved:


Our dedicated volunteers contribute countless hours of service to our students and our school every year. Join us as a volunteer!


The SIS learning experience is enriched by members of our own community sharing their knowledge, mentoring, and supporting student projects. Join us by offering your expertise!


We work with a number of world-class external partners to offer a new and exciting range of programmes and services. We invite you to collaborate, sponsor, or become a programme partner with us.

If you’re interested in volunteering, sharing your expertise, or partnering with us, please contact Advancement Director, Emma Jones, at or +46 70-1762828.

Also, look out for announcements in Dispatch, on the website, and all the other channels you use to keep in touch.

Let’s make our 70th a spectacular success!

Discover more about what the SIS Spirit Fund has raised and achieved since it was created in 2019.

The impact of your giving

SIS sings through Covid

Throughout the pandemic, one of the things that have really uplifted our community – students, staff, and parents – is music.

Bags for life: the SIS Nepal Project in 2021

Through the Nepalese social enterprise Himalayan Voluntourism, SIS donates to Shila Devi every year.

A year in the Makerspace

Over the last year, SIS students from early years through to grade 5 have had a chance to push, pull, build, saw, code and experiment in our new Makerspace