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The history of Stockholm International School has been one of growth and success so that today we are a thriving band of nearly 800 students from over 60 countries, all learning and living together. 

An important factor in the School’s success is the generous donation of money, time, and effort from members of our community. In 2019 we created our Annual Fund – the SIS Spirit Fund, to consolidate this activity and generosity in order to maximise its impact. As is the case with most international schools, our Annual Fund allows us to think beyond the day-to-day and dream big. It is a vital part of supporting our not-for-profit mission. 

Three themes provide the focus for projects supported by the Fund:

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Innovation and campus regeneration activities
  3. Enhanced learning opportunities that enrich students’ experience outside of the regular classroom

Through these activities the Fund brings families and staff together to celebrate the achievements, and encourage the ambition and personal development of the students who study here. 

Some donors may make a one-off gift while others choose to make an Annual Contribution. Either way, the School is enormously grateful to everyone who gives what they can afford.

You can opt in to various levels of giving that best suit your preference. These are described here, or you can go straight to our donation form or scan the QR code on this page to give now.

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