Board of Trustees

The Stockholm International School Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, which oversees and provides strategic direction for the School. The Board is made up of members of our SIS Community who are personally committed to keeping the School at the forefront of educational institutions.

The Board is self-perpetuating with Trustees serving without remuneration for normally between 5 to 10 years, ensuring institutional memory and accumulated wisdom.

The Board includes teachers, parents of current students and alumni, and community members from a wide variety of backgrounds which includes ambassadors, corporate leaders, civil servants and members of the current faculty.

The Boards meets four times a year (or more in special cases).

It is the Board’s responsibility to guarantee the long term interest of the School and to support the Director, offer good judgement and support, have a wide knowledge of what’s happening at the School and build relationships.

The school is run by the Director, Maria Isabel León, who relies upon the Board for general input in various decision-making process or when the Board is required to make a decision that’s not appropriate for the Director to make.

Fortunately SIS has had a long established appointee system that ensures a healthy and self-perpetuating flow of governance. The strong relationship between the Faculty and the Board helps keep SIS in safe hands both educationally and financially.

Meet our Board

Portrait of Hans Skeppner
Hans Skeppner
Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Finance Committee
Annika Vikhult
picture of daniela baiochi
Daniela Baiochi
Board member and parent of current SIS student
Portrait of Judith Gough
Judith Gough
Board member, Child Protection Board Representative, and parent of current SIS student
Anna-Maria Malm
Board Member, MYP and DP Mathematics Teacher, TOK Teacher
Philip McCrea
Board member and Chair of the Advancement and Succession Committee, parent of SIS alumni
portrait of fredrik sand
Fredrik Sand
Board member and Chair of the Governance Committee
portrait of gulfem toygar
Gulfem Toygar
Board member and parent of current SIS student