Why choose SIS?

At SIS we encourage our students to develop their individual potentials and we prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of global citizenship.

We encourage holistic student development and provide the best educational standards and principles within academically, socially and personally stimulating and safe environments where we foster a love of learning.

Since the start in 1951, over 70 years ago, we have worked tirelessly to help students and their families to settle into a new environment and to offer world-class education through our international curriculum. 

We strive for continuous learning and improvement and are particularly proud of a number of things we believe are key to student success.

  • 5:1 students to staff 
  • 793 students representing more than 60 nationalities
  • 192 staff representing more than 40 nationalities
  • 93% of parents / guardians would recommend SIS to other families 
  • IB results above world average
Grade 5 children doing a science experiment

Teaching excellence

Our academic programme is high quality and well established. We follow the globally recognised International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme (IB MYP and IB DP). From Early Years to grade 12, our students are challenged and encouraged by our expert and committed teaching staff.

Teaching helping student in classroom

A safe and supportive environment

We provide a safe environment in which students can thrive. Not only is our physical space secure, but we have created a culture where individual needs are met and where learning can happen. We know it can be challenging to change schools and move countries, so student wellbeing is a priority. We have an extensive Learning Support and English as an Additional Language teaching team catering to the needs of our diverse and multilingual student body. No one is left behind. 

Two boys working together at a laptop

Technology and Innovation

Our dedicated EdTech team supports teachers and students to successfully integrate technology into the curriculum. Our students are encouraged to be curious yet responsible and prepared for a digital environment. Our Learning and Media Centre team stimulates a thirst for knowledge and critical thinking in our students. The centre’s new makerspace resources inspire creative thinking and practical experimentation.

Two girls playing

A friendly and social community

We are a friendly and social community which welcomes the whole family. Our students and families support each other. We celebrate our diversity while ensuring students feel like they belong. There is no pressure to be the same. We learn from each other. Connections forged at SIS continue beyond the time spent here through our global community of alumni and friends.