Middle School staff team

Michael Moore
Middle School Principal
Bradley Lister
Head of Learning, MYP Mathematics Teacher and MAP Coordinator
Amanda Wännman
PHE Teacher Assistant
Anders Nordström
MYP Individual and Societies, and Swedish Teacher
André Forssén
MYP PHE Teacher



Andrew Ioannou
MYP Design Teacher and ERASMUS+ Coordinator
Anna Söderström
MYP Personal Project Coordinator
Image of Anneli Thompson
Anneli Thompson
MYP Drama Teacher and ERASMUS+ Coordinator
Annette Nelwan
Case Manager - Middle and Upper School
Barry Walker
MYP Arts and MYP Design Teacher
Bradley Roets
MYP Science and English Teacher, Grade 6 Level Leader, Nepal Project Coordinator
Clare Shearman
MYP Mathematics Teacher
Colleen Clayton
World Languages Subject Leader and Swedish Teacher
Deidre Smith
MYP EAL, DP English B Teacher and Subject Leader EAL Secondary
Eileen Littorin
MYP/DP English A LaL and TOK Teacher
Ellen Larsson
Primary Science teacher, MYP Math and Science teacher
Emily Gregg
MYP Music, Grade 5 Music, Grade 6 English Teacher
Emma Buncic
Counsellor Years 6-9
Emma McCluskey
MYP English A LaL, I&S and DP English A LaL Teacher, MUN Coordinator
Evi Markou
Learning Support Teacher
Fehim Khan
MYP Science, DP ESS and Geography Teacher and MUN Coordinator
Félix de Pablo
Grade 8 Level Leader
Gabriella Lagerqvist
Primary and MYP Swedish Teacher
Helena Flint
MYP and Primary Music Teacher
Jamie Snell
MYP Visual Arts and Media Teacher
Janet Regeer
Primary,PYP and MYP French Teacher
Joshua Goddard
MYP PHE Teacher, Subject Leader PHE Department
Julia Hagströmer
MYP EAL Teacher (Currently on Maternity leave)
Katalin Pongo
Learning Commons Specialist - Middle and Upper School
Kevin Conrad
Subject Leader Design Department and MYP Design Teacher
Kim Avery
Learning Support Teacher
Kimberley Akester
Extra-Curricular Music Coordinator
Ksenia Potapova
MYP/DP French Teacher
Laura van Halewijn - Chuquimia
Subject Leader Language Acquisition Department, MYP/DP Spanish Teacher
Lucia Luna Gallina
MYP Design Teacher
Marcus Rappoccio
MYP English and IAS Teacher
Maria Laura Iturralde
Student Counsellor EY3-Grade 7
Martin Cevert
Subject Leader Science Department, DP Physics and Chemistry Teacher
Mirjam Reitsema
Learning Support Teacher
Ms. Anna-Maria Malm
Board Member, DP Mathematics AI HL, TOK and MYP Mathematics Teacher, Subject Leader Mathematics Department
Nicole Kankaapää
MYP EAL Teacher and Grade 7 Leader
Nina-Rebecka Kaltiala
MYP Swedish Language and Literature Teacher
Oskar Sundberg
MYP Individuals and Societies Teacher
Pankaj Goswami
MYP Learning support and Math Teacher
Rachel Hasson
MYP Math and Science Teacher
Rebecca Maroko
MYP English Language and Literature Teacher, and Grade 9 Leader
Roland Navarrette
PHE Teaching Assistant
Ruby Eadon-Bensryd
MYP English Language and Literature and EAL Teacher
Sarah Arsovski
MYP EAL Teacher (on leave)
Sean Logan
MYP Individuals and Societies Teacher (on leave)
Siphokazi J. Kargbo
MYP Science Teacher to grades 7 & 8
Sipra Saha
DP Biology, MYP Science Teacher
Stephanie Bradford
MYP Design Teacher (on leave)
Susan Celino
MYP Mathematics Teacher
Tatjana Hascher
MYP Science and DP Physics Teacher
Tess Guyo
Learning Support Teacher



Valli Cheemalamarri
Learning Support Resource Specialist
Vera Angyal
MYP EAL Specialist (on leave)
Zora Saskova
PHE teacher and PHE teaching assistant