Primary School staff team

David Osler
Deputy Director, Primary School Principal
Kim Avery
Primary School Vice Principal
Picture of Adam Leff
Adam Leff
PYP Teacher Grade 4
Ann March
Grade 5 Teacher
Anurag Choudhary
Primary School Technology Integrator
Picture of Ashrita Das
Ashrita Das
Grade 3 Teacher

Belen Gonzalez
PE Teaching Assistant
Catherine McNulty
Early Years Teacher and Positive Discipline Parent Workshop Facilitator
Cheryl Holmgren
Primary Maths Subject Leader and Grade 4 Teacher (on maternity leave)
Chino Aguerre Batoctoy
Grade 3 Teaching Assistant
Colleen Clayton
World Languages Subject Leader and Swedish Teacher
Corrin Goodwin
Primary school Case Manager & Learning Support Teacher
Dave Cuming
Physical Education Teacher
David Ahlberg
Primary Swedish Teacher

Delyana Glover
Grade 5 Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Aronson
Early Years & Primary Music Teacher
Ellen Larsson
Primary Science teacher, MYP Math and Science teacher
Ellen Mercke
School Nurse (Primary School)
Gabriella Lagerqvist
Primary and MYP Swedish Teacher
German Echeverry
Substitute Coordinator and After School Activity Coordinator
Gina Stavert
Primary EAL Teacher
Helena Flint
MYP and Primary Music Teacher
Illiana Kriezi
Teaching Assistant
Irene Gamble
Learning Support Teacher
Janet Regeer
Primary,PYP and MYP French Teacher
Jennifer McCabe
Kindergarten Teacher
Jenny Rosenberg
Swedish Language Teacher
Kathie Yeoh
PYP Teacher and Teaching Assistant
Kim Avery
Primary School Vice Principal
Kimberley Akester
Extra-Curricular Music Coordinator
Kristy Zumbo
Teaching Assistant (on leave of absence)
Latisha Gradwell
Latisha Gradwell
Grade 4 homeroom teacher (on parental leave)
Linnéa Kinch
Primary Visual Arts Teacher/ Primary EAL Teacher
Magnus Fogelström
Sports Association Director
Maria Laura Iturralde
Student Counsellor EY3-Grade 5
Maria Olias
Learning Support
Marilyn White
Kindergarten Teacher
Mary Travers
Teaching Assistant
Maurizio Allasia
Learning Support Teacher
Image of Natasha Ålund
Natasha Ålund
Primary EAL Teacher, Primary EAL Subject Leader
Philippa Logan
5th Grade teacher and Language Subject leader
Priya Tanpuria
Teaching Assistant and Primary House Leader
Rebecca Nolan
Learning Support Teacher
Ry Johnston
Teaching Assistant
Saima Asif
PYP Coordinator
Sarah Kerwin
Learning Commons Specialist - Primary School, Positive Discipline Parent Educator
Sarah Shamsi
Primary Arts Assistant
Sean Madden
Teaching Assistant
Shaila Bhat
Teaching assistant
Vandana Sehgal
Teaching Assistant
Vita Olsson
Teaching Assistant