Student support

We welcome students with diverse mild to moderate learning needs. We are proud to embrace all students who enrich and strengthen our community.

At SIS, we are driven by our vision and mission and by our learning principles. This means we work continuously and collaboratively to create an environment which support all of our community’s needs. Student support is not restricted to those with certain requirements, but is open to every student who need support.

Teachers or Parents/Guardians usually refer students to the Special Support Programme. Students who have received support in their previous schools are automatically accepted.

Naturally, support will vary depending on each student’s requirements. Students referred to the Special Support Programme will have an Individual Education Plan created which is then applied across all of the students classes.

It may be that a greater level of assistance is required than is available at SIS. The Special Support team, in addition to parents’ support and cooperation, may consult with educational psychologists, psychologists, special education instructors, learning assistants, physiotherapists, or speech pathologists, in order to provide the best support possible.

Health Administrators

There are two Health Administrators in the School who are also trained nurses, and who can assist in cases where urgent medical attention is required. The may be contacted as follows:

“As individuals, we have our own unique learning strengths and – let’s face it – a few challenges. My learning support team and I try to tap into the strengths of our students, to bring out the best in them so they feel supported and empowered to take on new learning challenges.”

– Annette Nelwan: Case Manager, Middle and Upper School

Meet our Student Support team

Tess Guyo
Learning Support Teacher


Michael Parry
I&S Teacher. Upper School Student Support Facilitator
Maria Laura Iturralde
Student Counsellor EY3-Grade 5
Valli Cheemalamarri
Learning Support Resource Specialist
Annette Nelwan
Case Manager - Middle and Upper School and Diagnostician
Irene Gamble
Learning Support Resource Specialist
Maurizio Allasia
Learning Support Teacher
Alexandra Alstergren
Learning Support Teacher
Margareta Roseen
Learning Support Resource Specialist
Evi Markou
Learning Support Teacher
Mirjam Reitsema
Learning Support Teacher
Kim Avery
Learning Support Teacher
Sofia Cesareo Arensburg
Learning Support Teacher (on maternity leave)
Pankaj Goswami
MYP Learning support and Math Teacher
Corrin Goodwin
Primary Case Manager & Learning Support Teacher
Emma Buncic
Counsellor Years 6-9
Rebecca Nolan
Learning Support Teacher
Juan Camilo Arevalo
Learning Support Assistant
Yuni Henningsson
Upper School Counsellor
Nilo Tahmasbi
School Nurse (Middle and Upper School)
Ellen Mercke
School Nurse (Primary School)