Curriculum detail - Diploma Programme

The Diploma Programme is a springboard to the future.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is our springboard to the future. The DP offers our students the chance to become well-rounded individuals, giving them experience and knowledge to take into the wider world. Our students tailor their interests, learning styles and skills to fulfil their individual potential.

The IB DP places significant focus on research, project work, and essay writing. This means the DP is the time for students to embrace learning, accept responsibility and be innovative in solving challenges.

SIS provides a flexible, focused, and rigorous learning environment that prepares our students to embark on a range of pathways towards life after school. They are positively encouraged to achieve excellence, to reflect on the nature of knowledge and to complete independent research and a project.


“In the DP  we learnt how to think on our feet. When a challenge arose we worked out how to deal with it!”

– SIS DP student

Comprehensive and challenging

The IB DP is unique in that it allows for subject specialisation as well as providing a breadth of subject study. It is a comprehensive and challenging curriculum and results in a diploma and an international university entrance qualification.

Assessments usually involve a written examination which students take at the end of the course. However, there is also a significant emphasis on coursework which students complete over an extended period. Course work is both internally and externally assessed/moderated and, together with externally set examinations, a final score is awarded at the end of the two-year course study.

The general aim of the IB Diploma Programme is to provide students with a balanced education; to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility, and to promote international understanding through a shared academic experience.

The core of the curriculum model consists of three elements:

“CAS was helpful for us to develop as people, learning from what went well and what went badly!”

– SIS DP student

At SIS, we offer the following subjects in the IB Diploma Programme:

Group 1: Swedish A Language and Literature HL/SL, English A Literature HL/SL, English A Language and Literature HL/SL, School Supported Self-Taught Language A Literature SL**

Group 2: English B HL, French B HL/SL, Swedish B HL/SL, Spanish B HL/SL, French Ab Initio , Spanish Ab Initio, School Supported Self-Taught Language A Literature SL**

Group 3: History HL/SL, Economics HL/SL, Psychology HL/SL

Group 4: Biology HL/SL, Physics HL/SL, ESS SL ( Environmental systems and societies)

Group 5: Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL/SL, Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL/SL

Group 6: Chemistry HL/SL, Visual Arts HL/SL, Geography HL/SL, Film HL/SL, Online Course SL*, Self-taught Language**

HL: Higher Level SL: Standard Level

Please note that:

  • subjects offered may change
  • students choose 6 subjects from 6 groups (one subject per group).
  • for the complete IB DP, students must take 3 Higher Level and 3 Standard Level subjects.
  • students who are bilingual (not Swedish) may choose to take two Language A courses, Language A-Literature as a self-taught language at a Standard Level and English A- Language and Literature at a Higher or Standard Level.
  • students who are bilingual (Swedish) may choose two Language A courses, Swedish A- Language and Literature and English A Literature or Language and Literature both at a Higher or Standard Level

* For subjects not offered at the school. Requires prior consultation. Choices can be found on

**Requires prior consultation. For more information click here.

DP General Regulations (last updated by the IBO – September 2016) are available here.