Tuition Fees

SIS is a foundation run by a Board of Trustees. It does not make a profit or pay dividends to shareholders. Instead, any operational surplus is reinvested in the school and its facilities.

The fees payable cover the cost of teaching associated with delivering an internationally recognised curriculum to a student body from over 60 countries, maintaining a low ratio of staff to students, providing specialist support where needed, and delivering a programme covering a broad range of sports.

Application Fee

The application fee is 3 000 SEK per child. It is a mandatory fee paid at the time of application. The application fee is not refundable even if the child is not accepted at SIS.

Enrollment Fee

Upon provisional acceptance at SIS, an invoice for the Enrollment Fee will be issued by SIS. This is a one-time fee to be paid when the child is provisionally accepted at SIS. Payment shall be made by date stated on the invoice. The Enrollment Fee is not refundable.

  • Child 1 – 60 000 SEK Enrollment Fee payable
  • Child 2 – 60 000 SEK Enrollment Fee payable
  • Child 3 (and all subsequent children) – a discount of 20% will be given to families that will be reflected on the first Tuition Fee invoice: 48 000 SEK Enrollment Fee payable..

What do tuition fees include?

Annual Tuition Fee

The Annual Tuition Fee is an annual fee calculated based on the relevant grade. The current Annual Tuition Fees are found below.

This is payable yearly and in advance, and is, for each school year, payable in two equal installments against invoices issued by SIS. Generally, the first invoice is sent out in April for the first term and in November for the second term.

Payment shall be made by the date stated in the invoice. Students enrolling at SIS for the second term of the school year are only required to pay 50% of the Annual Tuition Fee.

Students are enrolled for the complete term and SIS will not reduce or refund any part of the Annual Tuition Fee for a term or any other fee, due to delayed entry, absence or withdrawal.

Annual Tuition Fee: 2023 - 2024

Grade EY3 – 150 000 

Grade EY4 – 150 000 

Kindergarten – 150 000 

Grade 1 – 120 000

Grade 2 120 000 

Grade 3 120 000 

Grade 4 120 000 

Grade 5 120 000 

Grade 6 135 000 

Grade 7 135 000 

Grade 8 135 000 

Grade 9 135 000 

Grade 10 160 000 

Grade 11 170 000 

Grade 12 170 000

The Government Subsidy does not cover the Annual Tuition Fee.

SIS is entitled to subsidies from Swedish municipalities for students of compulsory school age (according to Swedish law: grades 1-9) during the years of basic compulsory education that fulfill the requirements stipulated in the Admissions Policy.

After having been declared entitled to subsidies by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, SIS is entitled to subsidies from Swedish municipalities for students in grades 10-12, excluding non-EU diplomatic families who are generally not entitled to subsidies. However, these subsidies will be determined at the discretion of the municipality where the student is registered (sw. folkbokförd).

SIS is responsible for the application for the subsidy. In order for SIS to submit a proper application, students are required to provide their personal identification number and registered address to SIS as soon as possible. Applications for subsidies might be made during the term for students arriving at SIS after the term has commenced, but in order to increase the probability of receiving the subsidy, complete information should be provided as soon as possible. No application will be made until complete information is received.

SIS does not guarantee that a subsidy will be granted and cannot be held responsible for subsidies in any way. SIS is not responsible for the registration of students with the Swedish authorities. Such responsibility rests solely with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school and the Tax Authorities of any change of address in Sweden, as this may also affect the issuing of subsidies to the school. Failure to register with the Tax Authority or update relevant information, e.g. change of address, may result in the school not receiving the appropriate subsidies. Parents/guardians will be liable for the resulting shortfall.

Please read our General Terms and Conditions for more information regarding enrollment procedures, government subsidies, financial conditions, withdrawal procedures, etc.

Please contact the Business Office on if you have any further questions in regards to the subsidies (sw.skolpeng).