Our place in Sweden

Stockholm International School is a welcoming, vibrant and collaborative school that offers a challenging and enriched education to students from all around the world. We are a non-profit and independent international school.
We are well established in the Swedish system having taught students from Sweden and around the world for almost 70 years. In today’s internationally evolving education landscape, it is vital for the Stockholm region to offer the highest quality education to the world’s globally mobile diplomatic, corporate and academic communities. We make a huge contribution to Stockholm. Embassies, major corporations and medical centres count on our world-class international school to support the families of the professionals they bring to Stockholm.
Because SIS is an outward facing institution, we use our knowledge and resources to bring benefits to and strengthen the Stockholm region. This in turn attracts the individuals and organisations for whom it’s vital that Stockholm and Sweden remain competitive. A high quality, international education offering is an essential component in the decision to relocate to Sweden – for a family, a business or an institution.
SIS is always open to discussion with the community, with the local Stockholm authorities and with others. Because we need funding that comes from Sweden, we recognise that we have a strong obligation to engage with and support the Stockholm Region. As a school we are proud of our educational standards and the part we play in building and sustaining a robust region that drives economic and environmental successes.
SIS works as a relationship facilitator, increasing contact points between the school, our environment and various members of the Stockholm community. We are community building, offering time through volunteering, utilising talent and sharing professional knowledge to mutually benefit our students, the school and our wider community.
At SIS we encourage projects that integrate with the local region and people. This includes CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), projects undertaken by our Diploma Programme students. These projects included:
  • The Refugee Club, where students taught Swedish to newly arrived refugees
  • Breakfast Club, where students started the day at 05:00 so they could deliver much needed breakfasts to the homeless
  • Roots and Shoots, where students took responsibility and shared shared knowledge about locally driven environmental concerns across the world
Internationally, we support projects that bring the world closer and spread opportunity. The SIS Model United Nations (an academic simulation of the UN) holds international conferences and offers a forum for students to debate pressing themes. This is a perfect example of SIS philosophy in action with students managing their own engagement with civic, globalisation, and multilateral diplomacy.
The SIS Nepal project is another important aspect of sharing Stockholm’s strengths with the world. Through contact with Nepalese students, SIS students further expand their understanding of the world and develop their sense of international mindedness and what their contribution can mean for a global issue.