Our place in Sweden

The city of Stockholm has ambitious plans for the decades ahead. It has set itself the goal of becoming a high-tech, high-skill economic hub, building on its reputation as a nordic economic powerhouse. Enterprises and institutions in the region want to attract the best global talent, and that means not just individuals relocating to Stockholm, but entire families. And a crucial consideration for those families is having quality education available for their children which is recognised internationally and fits with their internationally mobile lifestyle.

Those families are the people we are here to serve.

For over seven decades SIS has been teaching the children of internationally mobile families. In that time it has grown steadily in response to increased demand in the city and the region, and the appeal of its unrivalled reputation for teaching excellence. In 2022 SIS secured the magnificent Norra Latin building in the heart of Stockholm to allow us to enhance our activities and grow our numbers – a visible statement of our ambition and commitment to the region.

Community is an integral part of the ethos of SIS. We welcome families and support them to adjust to life in Sweden. Our SIS Parent Community organises events and helps new families acclimatise to Swedish culture as well as helping them to develop social networks. The School contributes to our local community using local resources and suppliers, and through outreach by students in local community projects.

We celebrate our international community – students from around 60 countries and staff from around 35 – every day, as part of our commitment to Educating the World in Stockholm.