After school activities and after school care

There is a time for learning and a time for playing, and sometimes, a time for both!

After School Care is available for our PreSchool to Grade 4 students who require care after school.

After School Care is coordinated by Vita Olsson.

SIS After School Activities offer an array of opportunities for students to pursue passions, try out new pastimes and experience personal development. There is everything from sports and games, to languages and music, to creativity and cooking.

After School Activities are managed in a safe and inclusive environment where students feel confident and eager to try out new skills or master current ones.

Contact the After School Activities team if you have any questions.

There are many opportunities for groups of students to participate in choir and various ensembles. For more information please contact Kimberley Akester.

Instrumental/Vocal Lessons

We offer private instrumental/vocal lessons where students have the opportunity to learn an instrument. These activities are also led by Kimberley Akester.

Read more about music at SIS.

The SIS Sports Association is an extra curricular program that gives our student athletes an opportunity to participate in team sports, represent SIS and compete against other schools.

Scandinavian International Theatre School (SITS) is an English speaking theatre school working in conjunction with Stockholm International School.

SITS offers training in the performing arts to children between the ages of 6 and 16. All classes take place on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm during term-time and are in English.

For more information on SITS please contact Kimberley Akester

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