Grade placement

The Stockholm International School year starts in mid August and ends in mid June. Students who apply from countries with a different school calendar generally continue in the grade in which they are currently enrolled. If these same applicants wish to begin in the middle of the school year, placement will be based on the grade they have most recently completed at their previous school.

Upon application, we use the following age guidelines to help us place students into the appropriate grade levels:

Student AgeYear of BirthSISSwedenBritish SystemUnited States/CanadaFranceAustralia
3Aug-18EY3Pre-school (Förskola)Pre-schoolPre-schoolPS
4Aug-17EY4Pre-schoolReceptionPre-school/Junior KindergartenMSPrep 1/Kindergarten
5Aug-16KindergartenPre-schoolYear 1KindergartenGSPrep
6Aug-15Grade 1Pre-school class (Förskoleklass)Year 2Grade 1CPYear 1
7Aug-14Grade 2Year 1 (Lågstadiet)Year 3Grade 2CE1Year 2
8Aug-13Grade 3Year 2Year 4Grade 3CE2Year 3
9Aug-12Grade 4Year 3Year 5Grade 4CM1Year 4
10Aug-11Grade 5Year 4 (Mellanstadiet)Year 6Grade 5CM2Year 5
11Aug-10Grade 6Year 5Year 7Grade 6SixiémeYear 6
12Aug-09Grade 7Year 6Year 8Grade 7CinquiémeYear 7
13Aug-08Grade 8Year 7 (Högstadiet)Year 9Grade 8QuatriémeYear 8
14Aug-07Grade 9Year 8Year 10Grade 9TroisémeYear 9
15Aug-06Grade 10Year 9Year 11Grade 10SecondeYear 10
16Aug-05Grade 11Year 10 (Gymnasium)Year 12Grade 11PremiéreYear 11
17Aug-04Grade 12Year 11Year 13Grade 12TerminaleYear 12
18Aug-03n/aYear 12n/an/an/an/a