Our Director

Educating the world
in Stockholm

Stockholm is a growing, exciting city, and if you are reading this, you are almost certainly part of that growth, contributing to the internationality and dynamic profile of the region. And almost certainly you have children, and are seeking for them an education that is compatible with your internationally mobile lifestyle, and offers high quality learning that is globally recognised. 

You and your family are the reason SIS is here.

From its first day of existence in 1951, Stockholm International School has been here to cater for the children of families relocating to one of the world’s great capitals, be it for a year, a few years, or the whole span of their children’s schooling. 

Today, it is an enormously diverse community. Over 60 countries are represented among our student body, and over 40 countries among our teaching staff. Embassies, major corporations, and research centres count on our world-class international school to support the families of the professionals they bring to Stockholm. We follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and Diploma Program and are in the process of transitioning to the Primary Years Programme as well, perhaps the most widely recognised global curricula, being taught in 5,500 schools in 160 countries. As a result, our students engage with the world every day, are offered a truly global perspective, and prepared to be global citizens in a world they will inherit and lead.

SIS is one of the older non-profit international schools in Europe and a founding member of the Education Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) and the Nordic Network. From Early Years through Upper School, our students are inspired by their peers and a talented and supportive faculty who are dedicated to challenging them and providing them with the tools for educational and personal success.

Like the city, SIS has an exciting future ahead. In 2023 we will begin working in our new premises, the magnificent Norra Latin building in central Stockholm, a building that will allow us to expand and provide an even better experience for every child at the School. 

I am delighted to be leading the School at this exciting time, and deeply appreciative of the support and advice of our Board of Trustees, our staff, and our parent community, who all share the School’s vision: To be recognised as a leading international school that inspires and educates generations of global change-makers.

I hope you will want your children to share in all the exciting opportunities that SIS can offer them. You can learn more about the School here, on the website, but I would also invite you to meet some of our students, faculty, coaches, and administration, as you make important school choice decisions. And if your child is already at SIS, you are welcome to attend the monthly “Lunch with the Director”. I would be delighted to meet with you to talk about the School, or even just to say “Hej”.