Stockholm as a classroom

Our school is located in the middle of a vibrant city surround by a thriving natural landscape.

Stockholm is an amazing classroom, and we make the most of the many opportunities it provides our students!

What our teachers say

Rainbow artwork in a metro station in Stockholm

“For geography fieldwork we head out to the metro and identify socio-economic changes along the green line, from Gamla Stan, Skanstull, … all the way to Rågsved”.

– Malene Schmidt

Swimmer jumping into the canal as the sun sets

“Stockholm is like a world of water, there’s clean water everywhere so clean you can swim right in the middle of the city.”

– Magnus Hjalmarsson Fogelström, Sports Director

Woodland in Tyresta National Park

“We identify and classify the plants in Humlegården just like Carl Linnaeus! We study boreal forest in Tyresta National Park and we monitor water quality/pollution in söderbysjön lake.”

Fehim Khan, Teacher of Science & Geography MYP/DP

A street cafe in Gamla Stan

“Stockholm is so multicultural that we go to French cafés so students can both order in French and taste traditional cuisine.”

Ksenia Potapova, MYP/DP French

Latest stories of SIS students in the city

SIS sings through Covid

Throughout the pandemic, one of the things that have really uplifted our community – students, staff, and parents – is music.

Bags for life: the SIS Nepal Project in 2021

Through the Nepalese social enterprise Himalayan Voluntourism, SIS donates to Shila Devi every year.

ABBA say ‘Thank You for the Music’ to SIS choir

ABBA say ‘Thank You for the Music’ to SIS choir ABBA’s comeback album – their first in nearly four decades 

Get moving for SIS Weekend 2021

Last weekend, we teamed up with the SIS Parent Community (SPC) for Get Moving for SIS. Over 100 community members 

Book now for Get Moving for SIS Weekend

Registration has opened for the second edition of Get Moving for SIS Weekend, a community event that will kick-start our 

Nobel Event!

Warm welcome to the SIS Digital Nobel Event! We hope you’re looking forward to the Nobel Event on the 7th of December