Our house system

SIS is divided into sub-units called “Houses” with each student allocated to a house on enrolment. Each House includes pupils from every grade, fostering a sense of community throughout the school and allowing greater interaction of students of different ages through vertical age alignment. Our house system brings students closer together and encourages community and mutual respect. Being part of a ‘House’ within the school creates a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and identity that is beneficial to both new and current students. New students more quickly assimilate into a smaller subunit of the school, and current students make stronger bonds and connections with their peers.


The four houses represent varied Swedish scenes in different seasons — acting as a wonderful metaphor for the diversity that is present in the SIS community. Each House is one part of a greater whole. Just like the elements in nature, the strength of each House is only truly released when they come together to form one powerful environment. We are all diverse and important individuals made greater by coming together and sharing our amazing qualities. Water, Air, Fire, and Earth are four Houses that come together to make our SIS Home!


Air House encourages adaptability.

Air House spreads inspiration.

Air House is a source of acceptance.


Water House displays flexibility.

Water House encourages reflection.

Water House is a source of vitality.


Earth House encourages versatility.

Earth House displays empathy.

Earth House is a source of strength.


Fire House is dynamic.

Fire House encourages enthusiasm.

Fire House is a source of compassion.