Curriculum detail - International Primary Curriculum

Great learning, great teaching, great fun

At SIS we support the emotional and social development of our students, from the day they join us until the day they graduate.

The earliest years at school are a time when young learners are curious and eager to discover and share. A vital period for the development and building of an inquiry-based learning that lasts a lifetime. The love of learning starts with play and grows into knowledge, skills and understanding.

Guided inquiry and collaboration

Guided inquiry and collaboration in early learners strengthens emotional development. Through the learning environment at SIS, our early learners develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Whenever possible, learning is interdisciplinary so that links are made across subjects. The world around them is understood to be holistic and interconnected, forming and underpinning personal development and an international mindset.

Our youngest students enjoy the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC makes an excellent lead into the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) that follows in Grade 6.

“School is fun. I like working stuff out”

– SIS IPC student

Knowledge, understanding, and inquisitiveness

International students have a unique set of experience and our program identifies and builds upon them. At the heart of the IPC is a central bank of units of work. The foundation of each unit are the learning goals, themed around an area of genuine interest to children, respecting their own knowledge, understanding, and inquisitiveness.

Lessons are visual, aural and kinaesthetic allowing all learner types to develop independent and collaborative skills. Assessment is ongoing and continuous.

“My teacher is really nice. She listens to me and I listen to her!” 

– SIS IPC student

Early Years Programme (3-5 year-olds) - a lifetime of learning

How we learn in our early years, stays with us forever. The Early Years Programme (EYP) is designed to enable children to develop the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions and attitudes they will need throughout a lifetime of learning.

The EYP encourages a holistic learning experience where play is an essential part of children’s learning and social development. The EYP addresses the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding in three areas: SubjectsPersonal Development and International Understanding.

Children learn to get along, and to disagree in a way that is helpful, to be proud of themselves and respectful of others using key social and learning tools.