Welcome to grade 9 students stop animations!

As part of their media course, grade 9 students were tasked with creating a music video for a song using stop-motion animation. They put in an incredible amount of work and dedication to create different stop animations!

They used as many as 1500 pictures to create the videos and spent a total amount of around 12 hours each on this project.

Please enjoy their efforts!

Kanye West, Roses by Hugo, Bonnie and Varunika

Kanye West, Roses by Hugo, Bonnie and Varunika, behind the scenes

Rick Astley by Viggo, John & Simon

Theo and Lars Stop Motion Media video

Shinjuku Squad 2.0 Vik feat Nia & Niek by Hugo and Hurean

The Weeknd, Blinding Lights by Lukas and Davi

Something just like this by Lina, Fanni and Maija

Queen, Don't stop me now by Hjalmar, Theo and Carl Gustaf

Come little children by Emily Crooke

Let it snow by Anika and Lina