Mind your language

In our Language Acqusition department it has been a tradition for many years to hold a Language Fair. This always took place during the third Unit of the year named ‘Culture’. MYP students from grades 6-8 worked hard in class to prepare performances and create posters, games and to bring typical food from the countries where the language they studied is spoken. Families were invited to come, see, experience and taste what the students prepared during an afternoon in February / March in annexe B.

Unfortunately we could not have a Language Fair in 2020 due to the pandemic. In 2021 the department decided to create a website instead of the live fair to be able to continue the spirit and share with the community all the work created and done by all the MYP students from grades 6-10. The website was named Language Share and the first edition published in May 2021.

A lot was learned about creating a website and it has been improved and more fun content added this year. So now you can view the second edition: Language Share 2022! On the website you can find the work of the winners of the contest to design illustrations for the homepage from MYP students and you also find a link to the quiz that we created to check your knowledge of Swedish, French and Spanish Cultures and languages after you have visited the different pages. By doing this quiz you can gain credits for your HOUSE!

You’ll find pages for each Language and you can see material created by students who are studying the language in different phases ( phase 1 beginners first year learning the language – phase 5 almost fluent, near native speaker level). Within the units the students have been creative and they could choose different types of work they wanted to create for the website. They were very motivated and put in a lot of effort. They learned a lot about the culture of the language they are studying and they practiced and developed different language skills.

The website is a great achievement with something to enjoy for all ages, but the department is also looking forward to being able to perform live and have a Language Fair in school again during the Spring of 2023!

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