Image of clothing being distributed in Nepal

SIS donations get a warm welcome

The Shila Devi Basic School, the focus for the SIS Nepal Project, has just had a consignment of clothing delivered courtesy of the efforts of staff and students at SIS. The smiles were as warm as the clothing promises to be as around 200 pieces were distributed among the students and staff at the School.

Brad Roets, the teacher co-ordinating the Project efforts, explains that this year has had additional challenges. ‘Normally, our students make an annual visit, and each student takes a bag of donations as an item of their luggage. However, this year, SIS shipped the consignment and covered the cost because of the pandemic.’ 

The Nepal Project has run continuously at SIS since 2014 and has achieved some remarkable targets. While many will be familiar with the Project from our regular updates in Dispatch, it’s worth reminding ourselves, and informing new families who have joined us recently, of just how successful the project is.

As Brad recaps: ‘About 20 to 30 students are directly involved in the project at any given time. In a normal year they would organise in various groups to cover aspects of the trip, like financing and lesson planning etc. This year has been more about smaller projects, like the clothing collections and bake sales. Students taking part are from grades 7 to 12 with the majority being in 10 and 11. Last year we managed to raise a little over 30,000SEK.’

Previously SIS has supported the school with donations of uniforms, solar panels, textbooks and supplies, as well as paying the salary of two teachers. The project is not funded from the school budget, but relies on it own fundraising and support from the SIS Spirit Fund.

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