Anna Söderström

Anna Söderström was introduced to the IBO and IB schools in 2006 when she first started to teach Swedish in all three programmes in SIS. She fell in love with the IB philosophy, her international students, and colleagues, and is still excited every day to come to the heart of the community and teach the language of the host country. Anna has completed her education in Sweden and Germany and earned her MA in Secondary Education from Karlstad University. She has worked in IB schools in Denmark and Sweden and lives on Lidingö with her family. Her family is almost as multicultural as her work.

Except for teaching Swedish, German, and English, Anna has mainly acted as IB coordinator for MYP in the IB schools where she has worked. She truly enjoys collaboration with colleagues and parents in the best interest of the students. Moreover, pre-covid times, Anna lead IB visiting teams and performed evaluation and authorisation visits in the region. In her free time, she enjoys the Swedish nature, reads, and exercises, but most important is time with family and friends.