Image of Anneli Thompson

Anneli Thompson

When asked where Anneli comes from…it’s always a difficult question to answer, as many at SIS experience.

Born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Lebanon, to a Swedish father and Armenian mother, she spoke four languages fluently before she started kindergarten. During the worst part of the civil war in Lebanon, her family relocated to Amman, Jordan where she was the ‘Swede’ who spoke Arabic with a Lebanese dialect.

Graduating from an arts and sports specialist high school in Boulder, Colorado, she finally moved to Sweden for the first time in her life at age 18. She toured Europe with a performing arts school and decided the arts was her passion and so she moved to England to pursue her love of dance and theatre at university. Anneli knew she loved the arts but didn’t realise she would love teaching. She got employed as a dance and drama teacher at Stantonbury Campus, one of the largest secondary schools in England. This prepared her for a career in teaching which she has never looked back from.

Anneli is usually seen running between campuses, pulling her orange trolley filled with props and costumes to the various events she is often directing. When not pouring her love of theatre and dance on and off campus, Anneli is also coordinator of Erasmus+ with Andrew Ioannou and together they run the cross-cultural projects at SIS with partner schools around Europe.