Helena Flint

Hello! I am a graduate of the Royal Scottish Conservatoire in Glasgow with a Masters in viola performance and I received my Bachelor of Arts in Baltimore, MD with a double major in Music and French.
From England, my family moved to the USA when I was six for my dad’s work as a research scientist. Music was a huge part of my new school’s culture! Recently, I was at my parent’s house going through an old middle school yearbook. There were quite a few pages devoted to the orchestra and I found myself in one picture among eight or nine students, and that was just the 7th-grade viola section! It wasn’t until I’d left upstate NY that I realised how unique this immersive music culture was and I began to understand what an important role it played in my education and development.
I hope to help infuse a passion and joy for music in all students at Stockholm International School. It has been incredible to find a place for myself in the vibrant community here. I moved to Stockholm from Glasgow in 2011 after qualifying as a secondary school music teacher at Strathclyde University. I am grateful every day for having the opportunity to work in such a positive, multi-cultural environment and to be able to share my love for music.
As well as teaching music and coaching string ensemble, I began the gymnastics club after school with my wonderful talented colleague and friend, Michele. And in my spare time, I play with Orkestern Filialen, train some gymnastics, and do quite a bit of running!