Magnus Fogelström

Mr Magnus Fogelström joined SIS in October 2019 as a Sports Director. He holds a Master of Science in International Business from School of Economics and Commercial Law at Gothenburg University, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Utah. At Utah, Magnus was part of the men’s tennis team. As a junior, Magnus won the Swedish tennis championship twice and was a regular member of the national team.

Prior to joining SIS, Magnus has worked over 20 years in the advertising  and communication industry. Magnus was Agency Manager at Arla and has also been working as a project leader and copywriter at different advertising agencies in Stockholm and London. But eventually Magnus’ great interest in sports and working with children took him to his current role at SIS.

Magnus has three children like himself who do a lot of sports. Soccer, tennis, basketball, floor hockey, padel tennis and parkour are some sports the family members share together. Magnus is currently a soccer coach for his oldest son and tennis coach for his youngest.