Orsi Péter-Ács

Orsi is originally from Hungary, before moving to Sweden she also lived in the US for a short period. Before joining SIS she worked at a progressive school in higher education, where she advanced her interpersonal skills and got familiar with the concept of process development.
Orsi loves working with data. She supports the Advancement Team in maintaining databases, harvesting insights, and streamlining various procedures.
Orsi has a degree in human geography. She has worked with various programs and projects related to sustainability and territorial development, while she gained valuable experiences from the public sector, research, and consultancy.
In her free time, Orsi most enjoys spending time with her loved ones, immersing herself in nature, doing sports and learning about topics in the realm of society, psychology, and healthy living. She’s been recently volunteering in schools and public events to spread awareness of the causes and consequences of climate change.