Sandra Loureiro

Sandra has been with SIS since 2008 working in various roles: ICT/Computer Technology teacher, Head of Technology department and currently as IT Manager.
With over 18 years of experience in Digital Education and fascinated by change management that accelerates digital transformation, Sandra likes to see herself as a facilitator of change and improvement and in 2012 she embraced the challenge of implementing a complete reform of the SIS IT infrastructure as well as a full digitalisation of all services, including the launch of a 1-1 laptop program.
Originally from sunny Portugal, while completing her degree in Sociocultural Animation & Community Education and Development with a specialisation in Adult Education, Sandra had the privilege of working with a team of developers and educators from the Department of Educational Technologies at the Superior School of Education, who were pioneers of e-learning and b-learning methodologies. This inspiring journey shaped and changed the way she perceives technology in an educational environment. Sandra is a strong advocate that technology not only better reflects students’ lives outside the classroom, but also allows them to refine their digital skills in a way that will continue to be valuable throughout their adult life.
1 part Educator, 2 parts coffee addicted, 3 parts geek, when not at SIS in front of the screen, Sandra likes to travel, read biographies and stroll around Azeroth in World of Warcraft.