Sipra Saha

Dr. Sipra Saha is a DP Biology and MYP Science teacher at SIS since August 2012. Sipra is originally from India and received her Master of Science in Biochemistry from Kalyani University, India, and worked as a researcher at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Subsequently, she moved to Sweden and obtained her Ph.D. from the department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute.

After her Ph.D. she worked as a post-doctoral scientist at the department of Medicine, Karolinska Hospital. During her Ph.D. period, she enjoyed teaching Biochemistry to students at Södertörn University. This experience ignited her passion to inspire young minds to explore science, and led her to teach budding intellects. She obtained her Master of Education from Stockholm University in 2012 and joined SIS, as she found the curriculum at SIS intellectually stimulating. Sipra likes travelling, cooking, and listening to music.