Tom Hansen

Tom grew up in the south of England, and after gaining a Chemistry degree and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from The University of Reading, he taught at a local secondary school for two years. Tom moved to Sweden in 2009, where he worked at 3 different schools over the course of 9 years, one of those schools being SIS! He then taught for 2 years in Milan, Italy, before returning to Sweden in 2020, and returning to SIS in 2023!

Tom has a strong passion for making science accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds, and believes that learning science should be a challenging, enjoyable, inquisitive, and ultimately, a rewarding journey. Another of Tom’s passions is continually learning about, and being surrounded by, people of different cultures and backgrounds, leading to a greater understanding and respect. It is by embracing diversity that has led Tom to the international teaching career that he loves so much.