School flags outside the main building

Welcoming displaced families

The invasion of Ukraine has appalled most of the rest of the world, and the plight of Ukraine citizens caught up in the carnage has engaged the sympathy of all of us. The events also have a wider impact away from the front line. Many families – Ukrainian and Russian and other nationalities living and working in those countries – have seen schools and businesses close, living conditions become extremely dangerous, or in some other way found it essential to make an abrupt change to their circumstances.  

SIS has been striving to accommodate as many as possible of those students from International Schools who have arrived in Stockholm. SIS is also co-ordinating with other schools in our region. SIS Director, Marisa León, explains, ‘SIS has provided around a dozen extra places so far for students displaced as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is in response to requests that have come directly from parents, but also through embassies, and from international schools in both Ukraine and Russia.

‘The Board of SIS has decided to welcome international school students where we are able to accommodate them, so that they can continue their education following a curriculum suited to their needs, and in a supportive and sympathetic environment. Additionally, no fees will be charged to these students for the remainder of this term in recognition that many will find funds inaccessible, or that they have already paid tuition at other international schools.

‘I am sure our community will welcome these new students with the generosity of spirit, camaraderie, and respect that we prize so highly at SIS, and which is fundamental to our global outlook.’

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