Kindergarten children with their dioramas

Kindergarten creates flower & insect dioramas

“It is the food and the roof and trees.” – Alex

“Beetles in kind of a forest and a garden.  The flowers are not the same size and they have different shapes. The beetles live in the garden.  I think they eat leaves.  Maybe the beetles live in the bushes.” – Arib.

“My habitat is a butterfly habitat.  They live in the sky.  I have a doggy house in my habitat.  The butterfly goes to the flowers.  They smell them.  The butterflies also make the flowers grow, they go and find some water and they get the water on the flowers.  I think the butterflies drink water from the flowers.  They eat leaves.  Butterflies have an egg, the egg makes them grow and then they become a bigger and bigger butterfly.  This is a garden habitat.” – Lara.

“The habitat is the ocean.  They’re having a party.  The fish and octopus and a whale live there.  They eat fish and the fish eat seaweed.  The fish breathe water and the whale breathes out of water.  The fish have a family in the ocean.” – Maeve

“My habitat is about dinosaurs, prehistoric.  They live with the trees, dinosaurs that eat leaves come there.  There is a volcano, it explodes.  There is also a fireball in my habitat (meteor).  There is water in my habitat, it needed to have water for all the dinosaurs to drink.  There are scorpions in my habitat.  Scorpions are not insects, they have 8 legs.” – Igor

“This habitat is a forest.  This is a beetle.  A Rhinoceros beetle.  6 legs, a head, and an abdomen.  Insect.  Many trees! Grasshopper.  Grass.  This is the mud.  This is the sky.  The beetle lives on the tree.  The beetle maybe eats the leaves. This beetle does not live with his family.” – Kazuho.

“This is a bee habitat.  It means that I have a beehive and it was so hard to do a beehive, so I took an egg. Beehive means that I feel that bees come in and they make honey from pollen.  Pollen comes from the nectar and the flowers. It gets to the hive when the bees take it with their feet or mouth and they put it in the beehive. Bees are insects because they have 6 legs and they fly.  Bees live together in a beehive. Not all insects have wings.” – Emil.

“My insect is a ladybug.  The ladybug lives in the tree forest.  The ladybug lives in the tree.  The small little bug lives in the flower.  The ladybug eats the little bug.  The ladybug’s family lives in a tree I think.  There are trees and rocks and flowers and this is a pond, a rock pond, this is a river. There is a mountain.  Ladybugs live together but foxes do not.” – Chloe

“My diorama is Mt. Fugi.  Bees flying.  Bees are insects because bees have 6 legs, a head, a thorax and abdomen.  Bees have wings, some insects have wings.  They eat honey.  They fly to flowers and take honey (pollen).  Bees fly home to make honey!  In my habitat, there is a pond, and fish and flowers.  This is Japanese flowers! They are cherry blossoms!  They come in the spring.  There is grass, that can be a home for ladybugs, ants and worms maybe?” -Itsuki.

“Bees live in the sky, do they live always in the sky? This is their home, where they live (hive).  This habitat is the sky.  The flowers are there because the bees get nectar from the flowers.  The bees drink it and they go back and then they put it in little holes in the hive.  Bees live together. Many bees live in the hive.  They work together.  They work making honey and putting it in the holes so people can pick it up.  Bees are insects because they have 6 legs because they have antennas, they fly.  Not all insects have wings.” – Arthur “My habitat is so down (under) the ground of the fish tank then there needs to be some snails because then the fish don’t know. When you don’t have those things, they don’t know where they are, but if they have those things, then they know where they are! (Which way is up, underwater).  Fish eat plants and fish food.  They breathe water.  Snails are not insects because they have no legs or wings.”– Mihkel

“This is a butterfly habitat.  First, there is an egg and the egg breaks and the caterpillar comes out when it gets big it builds a cocoon around itself.  In there it grows wings and becomes a butterfly! Then it cracks out and flies away.  Then it flies everywhere in nature.  It stops on a flower because it brings pollen to another flower (pollination). It has a long (tongue) it sucks up pollen.  This is a natural habitat.  It is an insect because it has 6 legs and it can fly.  Not all insects can fly.” – Xander

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