Grade 9 class debate in action

A report from Grade 9V’s Individuals and Society lesson

Written by guest reporter, Emma Mol in class 9V

“In grade 9V’s Individuals and Society lesson, a seminar was held concerning the impact of timezones around the world and the history behind them. Before there were internationally agreed upon time zones travelling far distances was hard as each town had its own time. 

In the late 1800s, Sandford Fleming proposed the idea of timezones, with 15 degrees of longitude between each of them so that there would be 24 time zones. Time zones had a lot of advantages but also disadvantages. People from home were able to share their ideas and facts too!

The Chair and Secretary were ready to lead the debate! Time zones have economic, social, cultural, and political impacts like, for example, that people have to work outside of the usual working hours or that communication between countries can be difficult. 

Also, a celebration like New Year is difficult to celebrate as all time zones celebrate it at a different moment. These are just a few examples of the things that were discussed in the seminar. It was a new and interesting experience and it was a good way to work together in order to expand our knowledge on the topic.”

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