We got Moving!

A huge thank you to everyone in our SIS community who went the extra mile in the Get Moving For SIS event. 

Normally, this type of event would be a great opportunity for our community to come together, share a fun experience, and raise money for the school’s annual fund, the SIS Spirit Fund

However, it’s been a peculiar year, to say the least! But did this deter our community from rallying around and rising to the challenge? No, it did not! Did it stop our community from getting off their couches and heading into the great outdoors in a brand new form of digital event? No, of course, it didn’t! 

Around 320 amazing people got out and walked, jogged, and ran to raise over 30,000 SEK! A great wave of support meant Water House managed to engage the most House members this time around. Well done Water House!

The event was organised by SIS Community Engagement Officer, Ilhem Bouroucha. Ilhem was assisted by SPC Board member and SPC running club organiser, Neil Walker. “Neil was a great help, offering lots of ideas for the live running and generally supporting the whole event,” said Ilhem, “We’d also like to thank Coca-Cola for donating drinks to the event.”

The SIS Spirit Fund is open all year round for donations that support student experiences, academic excellence and innovation, and campus regeneration. You can donate to the Spirit Fund by clicking on the button below.

If you need a refresher on what the Spirit Fund is all about and why we have an annual fund at SIS, please check out this video

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