SPC families enjoying fika

At SIS, the happiness and wellbeing of each student and each family is vital. The SIS Parent Community plays a central role in the very warm welcome and the enduring care our families experience.

YANA (You Are Not Alone) is the SPC’s flagship project, set up to ensure every parent at SIS feels connected to the school and each other – a connection that became even more precious during the Covid pandemic. 

“We recognize that our community often faces challenges that can affect mental well-being: the stress of moving countries and starting a new school, managing many multicultural dimensions to life in Stockholm, post-pandemic anxiety, not to mention the Swedish winter!” says Rowena Lee, SPC President.

YANA offers all new SIS families the chance to ‘buddy up’ with a returning SIS family. Newcomers are supported by people who’ve been in their shoes and are eager to answer questions and offer reassurance. 

Students at SIS enjoy a range of extracurricular events and initiatives which help them to settle in, forge lifelong friendships and develop as individuals. YANA supports our children with these activities, which include dances, concerts, book fairs and charity events. 

YANA also organises the Parent Rep network across the school, with 34 reps currently signed up to support each class from kindergarten to 12th grade, enabling parents to build friendships and supporting individual class initiatives. 

The YANA programme truly wraps round the whole school community, and is typical of SIS’s nurturing, holistic approach.

Find our more on the new SIS Parent Community website.

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