Children smiling in a classroom

A year on since the introduction of Positive Discipline programmes at the school, initiated by Middle School Principal Michael Moore, SIS is thrilled to have been accredited as a Positive Discipline Lab School.

With the success of the rollout of the Positive Discipline programmes at SIS and their growing popularity among both staff and parents, the school leadership decided to submit an application. Being a Lab School brings a range of benefits designed to enhance the implementation and practical application of Positive Discipline throughout the school, including virtual monthly mentoring for teachers and access to the latest resource and support materials.

Joy Marchese, founder of Positive Discipline UK, who travelled to SIS last year to introduce the programme recently came on a return visit.

“It was amazing to be back at SIS this August and to have the opportunity to work with the rest of the faculty. We have now been able to train all the teachers and the support staff in the Primary and Middle School which is a great achievement in such a short period of time,” Joy said, concluding, “the future is bright for SIS.”

Seven SIS teachers trained with Joy to teach parents Positive Discipline and last year ran four six-week parent classes in which over 40 SIS parents participated. More classes for parents will be offered this year, reflecting our community’s enthusiasm for the initiative.

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