Welcome to Stockholm

You’re moving to Stockholm. You’re making the right move. Stockholm is one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. A forward-thinking, vibrant and inclusive city, built on an archipelago of fourteen islands, Stockholm is surrounded by water, islands and nature.

Stockholm boasts all the cafés, restaurants, museums and art galleries you’d expect, as well as parks, gardens and nature reserves full of wildlife.

There are four distinct seasons, each with their own highlights, from lake swimming in the summer to skating across them in the winter. You can be skiing in a couple of hours from the town centre or lying on a beautiful beach in the archipelago in a matter of minutes.

Students and their families at Stockholm International School reap the benefits of an amazing capital city with the intimate atmosphere. We encourage you to take full advantage of all of the abundance Stockholm has to offer.

We’ve added a few links to help you get to know your new city.

Glad you have you here!