Absence and attendance

If your child is going to be absent from school, please report this using the Submit Attendance Excusal on Managebac.

In an emergency when it is not possible to report absence on Managebac, you can ring the Absent Line Phone: 08 412 4058. State clearly your child’s first and last name, the grade they are in, their advisory or homeroom teacher, and the reason for their absence.

Note: Please do not report absence to Homeroom Advisors or Class Teachers.

As part of our safeguarding procedures, the school sends an automated email when a student is marked absent from school. This email is sent regardless if you reported your child absent or not. If you have not reported your child absent you should call the school reception immediately to confirm this is correct. If we do not hear from you we will try calling or texting until we have confirmation of the absence. If you have already reported your child absent you can disregard the email.


At Stockholm International School we take good attendance very seriously, as there is a direct link between how often students come to school and their achievement levels. Every day your child is absent can damage their education and future success.

Students’ attendance is recorded at the beginning of every lesson. Attendance rates that fall below 90% (19 missed days) over the school year give serious cause for concern. Research suggests that attendance below 90% seriously affects your child’s achievement, progression and life chances. We are working hard to improve attendance across the school, with a particular focus on any students whose attendance falls below 90%.

Your support is absolutely vital.

You can help, us and your child, by doing the following:


  • If your child cannot attend school due to illness, you should contact school as soon as possible and every day that your child is absent from school. The only exception to this is when you have already informed school that your child is definitely going to be absent from school for a period of time (extended absent forms are available online or you can pick one up from reception.)
  • Take holidays/leave of absence only during the school holiday periods. No other holiday will be authorized by the school unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you believe the circumstances are exceptional, please complete this form.
  • Make medical/dental appointments outside school time, where possible.
  • Discuss any problems concerning attendance with your child’s teacher, school counselor or the schools Dean of Students.

Students arriving late

Students arriving at 8:30 or after MUST report to the school reception office to sign in and receive a late pass to be given to their teacher. We will contact parents if this happens on a regular basis.


Students leaving school early

If your child needs to leave early, for a medical or dental appointment for example, you should contact the school by telephone, e-mail, or a note in your child’s school planner.  Your child’s classroom teacher will need to be notified that he or she is leaving early, as well as the School Receptionist. Students must not leave school for any reason, without first reporting to the school reception office and by signing out. Students will not be allowed to sign out without a notice from parents.


Absentee Parents

Occasionally we find that a student is here without any parents to supervise them.  Although rare, it is not a situation we can ignore. If the student is injured or ill and we cannot contact parents because of their absence then the Dean of Students needs to be notified.  The decision as to how to deal with the situation will then be made. If any staff member becomes aware that the parents are absent then the Counsellor should be notified immediately.  The Counsellor will then make a concerted effort to contact parents.