Diploma Programme 3D sculptures

DP goes 3D

Christina Turner, DP Visual arts teacher is proud to present artwork by students Sofia Bjurholm, Filippa Johnsson, Alice Leonardos Tabajara, Pauline Leroi and Yumi Liberman.

During our most recent unit in DP Visual arts, grade 11 students worked with a sculpture task. As everyone had to work from home, students were to use most materials at hand. With help of materials, recycled materials, or found in local shops and a fantastic amount of creativity, our students presented their final art pieces through short films and images of their work.

Students were encouraged to explore individual areas of focus, with inspiration from artwork and artists that they chose. The themes vary, with a range of topics presented, mentioned in some short films. 

Filippa Johnsson
Alice Leonardos Tabajara
Sofia Bjurholm
Yumi Liberman
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