SIS leads the way for International Schools

We’re proud of our global outlook at SIS, and that extends not only to where our students and staff come from, but our awareness of our role as part of a community of international schools.

At the end of last year, Lori Rubotton and Dwayne Thomson, our admissions team here at SIS, contacted admissions offices in international schools with a proposal to get together to discuss admissions procedures and best practices. The idea quickly gained momentum, and from an initial group of four or five schools, the meeting grew to be a mini conference of more than 25 admissions officers. Among schools represented were the International School of The Hague, Oslo International School, the  American School of Barcelona, the American International School of Budapest, and Inter-Community School of Zurich – a truly pan-European gathering. 

The first meeting of the group shared best practice on, for example, how we handle the re-enrollment process, and how schools manage their application review process, and what documents schools require when a family applies. The meeting also considered how the pandemic has impacted International Schools, including student numbers and how admissions offices have had to change and adapt to meet with our prospective families.

With quarterly meetings set to happen, Dwayne and Lori’s forward thinking puts SIS at the heart of International Schools’ admissions practice for some time to come.

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