SIS gingerbread design

A gingerbread creation from some smart cookies

The SIS after school Baking Club, with 10 children from grades 4 and 5, are exhibiting and competing this year at the Gingerbread House competition at ArkDes Moderna Museet in the under 12 category.

The theme of competition this year was ‘Together’. The Baking Club’s entry took the form of a Christmas tree featuring children, families, teachers, doctors, and scientists who – together – helped us through 2020.

Image of gingerbread house

The children worked hard, had fun, and are excited about the exhibition. They stayed at school for an extra hour to be able to finish the gingerbread house. IPC teaching assistants Belen Gonzalez and Priya Tanpuria, together with parents, gave lots of encouragement and support. ‘It was great to see the kids enjoying themselves so much’ says Belen, ‘and we hope they will take pride in seeing their work on display and that lots of people will vote for them.’

The winner will be chosen by public online voting for the competition which is open until 16th December. You can visit the website here to see all the entries and cast your vote.

ArkDes is Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design. It is a museum, a study centre, and an arena for debate and discussion about the future of architecture, design and citizenship.

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