SIS students at their airport

William McCrea

SIS student 2014-2020

Do have any particular memories of your time at SIS that you’d like to share?

I remember my first class trip with SIS (grade 7) to Gotland, right after I had moved from the US to Sweden. I was anxious, afraid, and nervous; but I soon came to realize that all my doubts had no justification. Everyone was so welcoming and kind, and I made friends on that trip that to this day I remain in contact with.

What did you gain from taking part in clubs and activities at SIS?

Being a part of the Nepal Project offered me the unique opportunity to practice leadership at a relatively young age, while taking part in a focused initiative that truly made an impact. While working with both students and teachers, where the traditional roles of instructor and instructed were completely wiped away, I learned to take initiative and communicate thoughts and ideas clearly. Not only did many of my personal skills develop, it was also one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life – travelling to Nepal and getting to interact with the students that are the centerpoint of the project.

What are you doing now?

Studying Industrial Engineering at Lund University

What influence did your time at SIS have on your life so far?

SIS has opened many doors for me, fostering me into becoming an openminded and global citizen, as well as offering me an education that has allowed me to transition easily into university studies. After graduating in 2020 from SIS, I took a gap year during which I worked for a number of different companies. I truly feel as though I was fully prepared with a skillset in communication, collaboration, and applying new knowledge quickly in a practical setting.

What advice would you offer current SIS students?

My word of advice to current SIS students is to go easy on yourselves. Sometimes when you don’t get the grade you were hoping for, or feel nervous about an upcoming test, remember that in the end things will work out, and there are plenty of people in your environment that will make sure of that.

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