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Events, both live and digital, offer the perfect opportunity to reconnect with, and get to know, fellow alumni.

Reminisce, mingle and network at SIS’s own Alumni Get ToGather events. Or why not plan one of your own? Get in touch with us and we will help you in organising your own Alumni Get ToGather locally or globally. Send an email to the Advancement Team and let’s get planning!

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28 September 2021: Digital Alumni Get ToGather. Guest speaker was fellow alum and serial entrepreneur Samir Fostock.

  • Samir shared with us how he developed his interest in business, how he met King Princess and subsequently became her mentor and that the road to having a successful business is not always straight!
  • Tune in to hear Samir’s advice to the young Samir and to the upcoming generation as well as his former teacher, Ms Lidfeld’s heartfelt memories of him as a student.
  • Watch the recording!
Samir alumni website
  • 8 June 2021: Digital Alumni Get ToGather. Guest speaker was fellow alumna and Emmy award winner Amy Wood.
  • Amy shared her story from singing in the choir in the ABBA song I have a dream while at SIS to becoming a successful and Emmy-award winning journalist and tv anchor.
    • We also surprised Amy with one of her favourite teachers, Mrs Adamson live during the interview! Watch the surprise at 07:45 min in.
    • We ended the event with some reminiscing with fellow alumni and teachers saying hi!
Amy official event site
Caroline Walerud
  • June 9th 2020: Digital SIS Alumni Get ToGather, Guest speaker was fellow alumnus Dr Marcus Skribek. Dr Skribek shared his experiences regarding working at a hospital during a pandemic as well as his personal experience of having Covid-19. 
Dr Markus Skribek speaking at an Alumni GetToGather