Student performers smiling after their show

Blossoming Talents

Budding performers and writers in 9th Grade shared their creative talents with Kindergarten classes this month. They took the opportunity to prepare and perform a short play based on the book, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, to Kindergarten students of teachers Marilyn White and Mary Travers. 

Marilyn initiated the idea to bring to life the book that looks at the theme of being proud of who you are, as you are. The central character goes by the name of Chrysanthemum, and is bullied and ridiculed by her schoolmates because of it. But in the course of the story they learn to appreciate her name and become friends with her. The young audience took the story to heart and had an extra layer of understanding when Marilyn read the story to them later. 

The performers, under the guidance of drama teacher Anneli Thompson, dramatised the story themselves, and it was great to see the middle school and kindergarten support each other in creating a warm and positive atmosphere in the classroom. 

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