SIS students with school children in Nepal

Our intrepid students have returned from their incredible trip to Nepal! Life is a learning process, and we learn more and more every year about how to improve the trip and where donations are best directed.

Our students embarked on their adventure by flying to Kathmandu on February 6th. They then toured Kathmandu, exploring the culture and history behind the capital. Afterward, they drove the 45 min to Lapsi Tree hotel where they stayed for three days. During that time, SIS students gave various lessons in English to the students of the Shila Devi Primary School.

After the lessons, our students hiked for two hours to Chisopani. Here they stayed a night and then hiked down to Kathmandu. The trip was an amazing opportunity to learn about Nepal and some of its people, but also about themselves. Our students got to see the joy and appreciation of the community when receiving donations. This is one more reason why so much effort is put into making this trip happen. If you would like to see photos of the trip and keep updated on more fundraisers, follow the Nepal project on Instagram for more information

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